Intention Rings


Because you can never have too many reminders when making life decisions or when waiting on outcomes from those decisions, we decided to create some key reminders to wear!

Guard your heart & sheild your mind with this Intention signet ring! No more stress and anxiety while “waiting”. Let these rings serve you as a reminder to just let it go and breathe while you allowed your heart to trust the process and the timing!

These pop of colors are made with intention -

PURPLE signifies royalty, Power and wealth. And all these will manifest when you JUST BREATHE and let go of all worries. Try it!

PINK signifies compassion, kindness and femininity. Allow yourself to be in a place to receive love and kindness by being kind and loving to your ‘self’ first. This won’t happen if you’re distracted and consumed by worry. Choose to TRUST THE PROCESS of letting things run its course.

BLUE signifies depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, and intelligence. Self-explanatory!! Just TRUST THE TIMING because patience is rewarding. Only fools rush in, but you’re wiser than you give yourself credit for!

Heart Shape because -

(1) you deserve all the love in the world

(2) you must focus on self-love


  • 1x 14k Heart Shaped Gold-plated brass ring


  • 14k heart shaped gold-plated brass ring
  • Size - Adjustable* and its a Size 6 by default, the most common & popular women’s ring size statistically.


A portion of every sale goes to supporting young adults facing homelessness and/or mental health issues.


* Actual product color may vary from the images shown.

* Due to this ring's sturdy nature, we are unable to resize or repair for you. If needed to be DIY-adjusted, please utilize a non-marring rubber-tip pliers only, and with caution, as using anything else can damage the ring. We are not responsible for any damages.
However, we are happy to exchange/return your ring within 30 days of purchase.