Hi, I’m Riji, the face behind Affirmation Darling. After moving to Los Angeles in 2016 to pursue a career in acting, my husband and I would never have believed that my dreams would come crashing down, and I would soon be facing the adversity of homelessness. However, this was my reality for two years. After managing to get back on my feet, I overcame my internal barriers and focused my past struggles into cultivating my creativity. I knew I wanted to design a brand that would help others to feel empowered, confident, and inspired to follow their dreams, no matter their life situation. This is when Affirmation Darling was born! We hope that your will join us on this journey to advocate for better mental-health around the world, prioritize self-love, and banish negative thinking. All with the power of positive self-affirmations.

With love, Riji x Mel